10 free applications to download on his new BlackBerry

You go out proudly from the dealer, with your new toy in hand: a very nice BlackBerry , with its keyboard and thousands of possibilities available to you, especially in terms of applications. The BlackBerry App World certainly does not have the completeness of an App Store or an Android Market, but it is full of good little applications that are worth the detour.


OnSoftware has found for you the Top 10 BlackBerry applications to download first on its new smartphone . To make friends jealous or simply make life easier …


Blackberry PGP phones have the particularity that they can communicate with each other by mini-messages thanks to the BlackBerry Messenger application . Usually embedded by default on new devices, it allows you to speak individually to each contact added and sort them by interest groups. Essential when you already have friends on BlackBerry!


Social media fans can rejoice: the official Facebook app is available on BlackBerry. Of course, it allows you to update your profile, change your status, share an info or photo taken on the fly, and much more with friends who already make up your community on the online application. Be careful not to be invaded by the notifications!


Twitter is everywhere, all the time. The big news news usually comes first on Twitter before appearing on the front pages of our newspapers or in the News Flash on television. And everyone can echo what is happening around him, to relay the news or keep abreast of the news of his interests . A must, easy to use and free!


Whether you are a music lover or not, Shazam is an indispensable application on your BlackBerry, because we have all happened to no longer remember the name of the singer or the song that we hear. With Shazam, no problem! Let her listen to the song a few moments, it finds all the information by itself and even allows you to buy it on Amazon. Magic!


Having a smartphone is not just about calling. It is also a lot of other actions, like for example to connect on the internet. For that, it is better to have a beautiful case, and Opera Mini is one! The Norwegian browser brings all its know-how on BlackBerry to deliver clean, fast results in an intuitive interface . Hat!


Taking photos with your BlackBerry is good. The touch in stride to give them high luster is better, and this is what offers Photo Studio . In a few seconds, it is possible to adjust the brightness, add a frame, perform an image rotation, or set a filter for beautiful photos, directly in the smartphone .


Player For YouTube is a free, unofficial application that is worth a visit. It allows you to play videos from YouTube without going through the internet browser. These are sorted according to several criteria and can be searched manually. It is very easy to share them via Facebook, Twitter and email.


Before going on a weekend or from a cozy bed in the morning, it can be important to check the weather forecast over several days . WeatherEye allows you to see the weather over the week in most major cities in France, some of which can be kept as favorites. Always useful in the back of his pocket.


UpCode is an application that may quickly become your best friend on BlackBerry. It can read QR codes (also known as the 2D Tag) that abound around us. These small square barcodes are everywhere, here is the essential tool to know what they refer to, whether to download an application or read the info of a supermarket product.


Few games are both free and interesting on BlackBerry (not counting Demos). Bubble Gum Air combines both characteristics. This is to keep a monkey hooked to his chewing gum as long as possible in the air, avoiding obstacles that try to send it to the ground. Nice graphics for eye-catching gameplay that make it a great hobby.