5 songs to listen to while cleaning your house

Is it time to do general cleaning and you are not in the mood? We bring you a selection of topics to help you take the initiative. Which ones would you add to the list?

We know: getting home and everything is super clean and tidy is comforting. But (there is always a but) the truth is that most of us give a lot but a lot of money to roll up to scrub.

Personally I find an ally in music: it is stimulating, relaxes me and predisposes me otherwise to take the broom by the pole and start. Because I believe in the effectiveness of my recipe (and I guess many of you use it ), I leave a selection of songs that should not miss in your track list of home cleaning with shark steam mop reviews. Listen and add your favorite songs to the list!

“Hot Stuff” – Donna Summer
A classic disco music that many will remember one of the best scenes tragicomic film The Full Monty. Do you remember the group of desperate men reviewing the choreography in an unemployment office?

“I want to break free” – Queen
There are many Queen songs that can accompany us on household chores, but it has the bonus of your video clip, which can be a fun Freddy Mercury disguised as a woman and a shop – vac in hand.

“Dude looks like a lady” – Aerosmith
If a housewife with all the letters, that’s Mrs. Doubtfire: kitchen like the gods, clean and care for the boys. Watching him dance to Robin Williams in the skin of this adorable woman is really stimulating (right?).

“Can not Touch This” – MC Hammer
‘s energy Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels) in the middle of moving is, the less enviable. If they are a bit lazy, the hip movement of the nice lace will surely infect them. Up and clean!

“Old time rock and roll” – Bob Seger
unforgettable and indelible scene of the film Risky Business in which a young Tom Cruise dances and sings in shirt and underwear to the tune of “Old time rock and roll” by Bob Seger. Cited in programs like Alf and The Nanny, it represents the ideal way to put wave housework losing all shame.

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