5 Trends in wedding videos

Recording the video of your wedding will give you a very special memory of your big day. The classic option is to record the entire event however, now there are other possibilities. Check the 2015 trends in wedding videos.

1. The documentary

It is about telling the story of the couple and their wedding photography services Singapore. That is, it can include photos of the couple when they were little, a casual recording of the couple at the present time, interviews with friends or relatives, aspects of the religious bond, the civil and the party. The video has its own script and conclusion.

Usually, it lasts 5 to 10 minutes. It requires that a professional be in charge not only of the recordings, but of the direction and the script. It’s like a little movie.

The most interesting thing about this proposal is that it offers a very different perspective on the union of the couple. An example of a wedding documentary is as follows:

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2. Video clip

It looks a lot like the previous version. It tells the love story of the couple, records some details of the wedding but does not include interviews. In addition, the basis of this proposal is that the video is built on a love song.

Then the couple can choose their favorite song and this will be as a musical background to present their video.

In general it lasts from 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the length of the song.

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3. Photo and video sequence

This is a proposal that unites the best of two worlds: photography and video. The duration varies from 3 minutes to about 10 minutes, everything depends on what you have in mind.

The great advantage of making a photo or video sequence is that it has many technical supports. Photos can be animated or the video can have static parts that suddenly come alive.

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4. Your wedding minute by minute


It is the traditional option for video recording of the wedding. Here the idea is to cover the entire event: from the entrance to the church, the signature in the civil and until the
end of the reception or, well, your point of best environment.

The video lasts about 3 hours and will allow you to relive your event.

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5. Pre and post wedding


To the previous option you can add the total coverage of the wedding day. That is, it will include from the arrangement of the bride and groom. These shots are seen as a kind of “backstage” of your event. In the end, you can also include a small farewell with the couple saying a message.