Actress Melani Olivares is pregnant

The actress Melani Olivares will be the mother for the third time according to the digital edition of the magazine Hola! It will be the first son in common of the interpreter and the musician Gorka González with whom it contracted marriage months ago. Olivares is the mother of two girls: Martina, whom she adopted in 2007, and four-year-old Manuela, born of her relationship with musician Javier Rojas, known as El Tío Calambres. Gorka, meanwhile, also has two children – a girl and a boy – from a previous previous relationship.

The arrival of the first common son of marriage will put the finishing touch to his love story. It was early May when the actress announced through mysterious messages that she was about to get married. “And he asked her to walk together, and she replied, ‘Yes, I do,'” he wrote in his personal account of Instagram.

Following the request, Melani celebrated her bachelorette party in Valencia. “I’ve been kidnapped! I have the best friends in the world! “He said. Melani enjoyed a “weekend full of surprises and love” with her friends, including Carmen Machi.

The marriage has already returned from their honeymoon and enjoy a great time both personally and professionally. Days before their wedding they worked side by side, since they participated together in the National Festival of Classical Theater of Mérida with the work Los Hilos de Vulcano. Now they fly separately. Melani will be on December 4 at Teatro Marquina representing Bajo Terapia, and Gorka, a musician from the company Toom Park, on tour with the show ReciclART. You visit http://midatlanticobgyn.com for more information.