Music for coffee shops: coffee and melody, the perfect fusion for your customers

Not long ago we talked about the importance of music in restaurants and the different services or types of music there, such as royalty-free music , where you get rid of SGAE rates . But we still had not talked about the perfect combination that melody and coffee make for music for coffee shops.

In this post we are going to talk about that, how to choose the right music for your cafeteria and some services where you can find the melody you need.

Melody and coffee, the perfect combination

We know that the important thing, when a client visits our cafeteria, is that he feels at ease, that he is in a pleasant atmosphere. This will make me want to go back and possibly recommend us to other people.

Music, for many, makes a perfect combination with that coffee that you put so much to your mouth. And it is that around a cup of coffee you can create a special atmosphere, by the aroma that it gives off, the emotions it awakens and the melody that accompanies it.

There is more to see the amount of songs and artists who have used coffee as a source of inspiration for their subjects. The connection that exists between melody and a good cup of coffee is almost magical.

And they know that well in the Quoncor coffee shop , located in the Malasaña neighborhood, Madrid. Who besides wrapping their customers in the sensations that brings a good coffee, have known how to take advantage of the experience that causes a good melody.

For that reason, their products are accompanied by film soundtracks that remove the nostalgia of their customers. Through music they live a unique experience that feeds the 5 senses.

The good thing about nespresso compatible capsules singapore is that it combines perfectly with many styles and musical genres . Whether with classical music, electronic, bossa nova, instrumental or pop rock.

Because music provokes emotions and moods that combine very well with the rich aroma of a cup of hot coffee.

Choose the right melody for music for cafeterias

And, although coffee combines perfectly with many musical styles, not all combine with your identity as a business.

So, to know how to choose the right music for cafeterias, we are going to give you a series of tips that you can follow:

Creating a perfect music list is a complicated task, but creating one that combines with the identity of your cafeteria and what you want to convey is easier.

And, by the way, keep in mind that the Spotify default lists sometimes will not go at all with your business. But, the most important thing, is that playing Spotify lists in your business is not legal. In this post we explain it better.

You no longer have to worry about the music of your cafeteria, Moski Pro manages all the music in a simple way and very easy to use , since our music software is very intuitive.

Just give the play and sound music uninterrupted. You can even create different environments in your room, organizing a different kind of music for each moment of the day , choosing from the great variety of styles that you will find in our catalog.