The 5 best musical movie

With musical films about two things : either you love them or you hate them . Sometimes are hits like The Lion King(1994) and Moulin Rouge (2001), and others are so costly failures that all gender is presumed dead. Think of De Lovely: Life and Loves Cole Porter (2004), The Phantom of the Opera (2005) and the rock era (2012).

Even the power of pop stars could not save the Evita (2006) Madonna and Burlesque ( Burlesque , 2010) with Cher and Christina Aguilera, both of which were destroyed by critics.

Then there is the question of the definition of gender : must have big dance numbers and Oklahoma and South Pacific ? Or films like Once or Hedwig and the Angry Inch qualify as such?

For this reason, we decided to make our list of the 5 best film music thanks to the collaboration of the magazine movie4k, what is your favorite? What do you think is the 1st place?

1. Dancing in the rain (Singing in the Rain, Dir. Stanley Donan and Gene Kelly, 1952)

Perhaps it is the best musical of all time is a rarity in that history is as good as the songs. The plot unfolds in the difficult transition from Hollywood to the talkies. The film is starring Jean Hagan as the silent star with the high-pitched voice, Debbie Reynolds as the naive girl, Gene Kelly as the movie star and Donald O’Connor as his stooge.Can you think of anything more memorable than the dance number in which Gene Kelly dances “Singin ‘in the Rain” in the rain?

2. The Wizard of Oz (The Wizard of Oz, Dir. Victor Fleming, 1939)

The other musical most beloved of all time is starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, the girl who literally takes a tornado and who, along with her little dog Toto, is involved in a mission to find the Wizard, who can help to return home.The Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow, the red shoes, the Munchkins, the Yellow Brick Road … many iconic images that have become part of popular culture. But none like the song “Over the Rainbow”, this Oscar winning film.

3. Les Miserables (Dir. Tom Hooper, 2012)

Based on the popular stage show, Les Miserables deals with broken dreams, unrequited love and redemption in themidst of the economic revolution of France in the mid-nineteenth century. Hugh Jackman is the ex – con reformed Jean Valjean, who is hunted by the inspector Havert (Russell Crowe), while Anne Hathaway is Fantine, who is disgraced and whose daughter Cosette grows and is then played by Amanda Seyfried. It was sung live by completeand lasts 2 hours 38 minutes. It is the perfect example of “love or hate”. Critics are divided.

4. Symphony in Paris (An American in Paris, Dir. Vincent Minnelli, 1951)

The revolutionary musical number 18 minutes of this romance Oscar winner Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron in the lead roles, shows a Paris fantasy in the style of the great French and wrapped painters in a dynamic mix of dance, ballet and film . A classic of all time filmed in Technicolor spectacular, with music by Ira and George Gershwin.

5. Disney animated movies

In this position we place the classic Walt Disney films , because their musical numbers are unforgettable and definitely marked the childhood of many moviegoers. Some of our favorite bands thanks to their stories, characters and musical sequences are:

Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty. Watch this movies on putlocker .