The Beauty Secret Recipe of Artists

Bees conquer Hollywood. Perhaps it is not stardom yet, but the natural sweetener has become a healthy choice and also serves to highlight the beauty of entertainers.

According to several celebrities, honey is the perfect complement to the stressful life the stars wear. It is rumored that Latin artists are the ones who use honey the most, praising the liquid gold of nature for its incomparable healing properties and beautifying. In addition, ensure that honey is the perfect base to increase energy, improve the voice and soften the skin, to name just a few of the uses that give the stars.

For example, one day Shakira wakes up and drinks a smoothie of mango and honey; The former Miss Universe Amelia Vega calms her sore throat with a special honey tea; MTV hostess Englatina Zingg softens her skin with regular honey baths and Bacardi rum heir Carolina Bacardi also adds to her favorite cocktail.

“Honey helps me look great before filming,” confesses model and Venezuelan star Englatina Zingg, who uses honey inside and out. She is convinced that honey has special properties that cleanse the soul and that other foods can not imitate.

“I take a bath of honey at least once a week,” explains Englatina. I rub with honey from the head to the feet and after rinsing my skin is soft as silk and I feel spiritually clean ??.

It’s no surprise that Latino celebrities adopt honey in this way, “says Bruce Wolk, director of marketing for the National Honey Board. You can always rely on the numerous varieties of honey that are in America because they are pure, delicious and top quality ??.

Star Recipes

Shakira Honey and Mango Juice (2 servings)

1 1/2 cup milk
1 fresh mango (peeled and sliced)
3 large tablespoons honey
1 large tablespoon mango jelly
1 cup ice


Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor from gosureviews.com. Mix until homogeneous. Serve cold. Extra portions can be refrigerated or frozen for fast, healthy food.

 Booster ?? Carolina Bacardi honey (1 serving)

1 lemon (your juice)
1 large spoonful of honey
1 cup orange juice


Mix all the ingredients in a tall glass. Drink in the morning to replace the coffee or to enjoy a fresh and nutritious drink based on honey.

Cleaning of soul with honey, from Englatina (1 bathroom)

1 cup honey
1/4 cup coarse salt


Combine the ingredients in a bowl. In the shower, rub the mixture over the entire body, from the head to the feet. Honey mixed with coarse salt crystals has wonderful exfoliation properties. After rinsing, the skin will feel smooth as silk. Use once a week for best results.

Amelia Vega Honey Tea (1 serving)

3 teaspoons of honey
1 tea bag (any kind)
1 pinch of salt


Amelia adds honey and a pinch of salt to her tea to stimulate her system when she’s on tour or overworking.