The best 19 songs to cook

What is better than doing something you like? Do it with music! We are happy and even help us to do everything in a more agile way. And although everyone has their personal taste in music, I invite you to take a chance on my playlist for cooking because I know you will find your ideal for cooking song.

1. Banana boat song – Harry Belafonte

It’s perfect to start with. Now that we’ve got the rhythm, let’s get on with it.

2. Vegetables – Beach boys

Something healthy to flavor at this rate.

3. Hot potatoes – The kinks

4. Honey Pie – The Beatles

5. Pork and Beans – Weezer

6. Custard Pie – Led Zeppelin

7. Coffee and TV – Blur

After breakfast with coffee, comes the spicy …

8. Mexican seafood – Nirvana

You will enjoy it especially if your thing is rock.

9. Changüicha la chichona – Molotov

Especially good if you like fast food.

10. I want to purée – The Fools

You know what I want!

11. Cold Tomato Juice – Manal

Let’s go down with some juice.

12. Guacamole – Kevin Johansen

Try some healthy recipes with guacamole. (Http://elgranchef.imujer.com/8170/10-recipes-which-can-do-do-work-to-approve-the-benefits-of-the-account)

13. Red wine – Estopa

Perfect to accompany.

14. Fresh fruit – Carlos Vives

Very sweet.

15 – Mayonnaise – Chocolate

You have to beat very well.

16. Gelatine – Grandchildren of the future

But in the kitchen we never tremble!

17. Cholesterol – Fito Olivares

Let’s continue in our sauce.

18. Flavor to honey – Paulina Rubio

Let’s sing together!

19. With his hands in the dough – Vainica Doble and Joaquín Sabina

This song always whets my appetite.

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What is your perfect song to cook?