Top 10 movies about music

Music is a fundamental element in life. It is an essential tool for cinema, because they are two things that go hand in hand and one complements the other, but also music has been the basis of many films.

We are not talking about musical films, nor about films with an exceptional score or soundtrack (which in that case we could not name only 1 movies), nor are we talking about movie2k films about the lives of different musicians, but we are talking about films whose central axis Is music as a theme – which has also cost us a lot of work to reduce it to only 10, but no way we leave 100, it is clear that we have left out documentaries,concert movies and biographical films to give space only to fiction films .

This is our count of the best couchtuner music films, to see what they think:

  1. The Sound of Noise (Dir. Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, 2010)

A group of musicians seeks to carry out their greatest work of art and create the perfect symphony for the city, but for this they will have to do a series of illegal and almost terrorist acts. Obviously, these acts become the most wanted by the police, which will hinder them from carrying out their work. Will they succeed?

In Sweden and Norway it was released in 2010 and it took two years for it to be seen in the rest of the world.

  1. The Boat that Rocked (Dir. Richard Curtis, 2009)

Set in 1966, it tells the story of a pirate radio station that transmitted from a ship in the North Sea when the rock was vetoed and the DJs who gave life to “Radio Rock” and that are incarnated by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans , Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd (impossible not to love at least one of the characters). At the same time, “Radio Rock” must fight to be able to transmit, since the British government looks for to end the stations that transmit that type of music. Not only does it have a great soundtrack, it also leaves a great message about music despite being a romantic comedy.


  1. Empire Records (Dir. Alan Moyle, 1995)

A movie that at one time was a failure, but that little by little has become a cult movie. Empire Records is a record store and the film focuses on a single day at this place. One of the employees loses the money of the sale; Joe, the boss seeks to save the place he wants to become part of a chain, a “pop star” who tries to rescue his career will sign autographs, a teenager racer makes his appearance and all this while the staff deals with their own problems and The music does not stop. They can see some familiar faces of very young.


  1. No One Knows About Persian Cats (Dir. Bahman Ghobadi)

After leaving prison, Negar and Ashkan seek to complete the lineup of their band as they traverse the Iranian underground scene. The idea is to form a band to play in London, while also seeking visas that will allow them to leave Tehran . It is a wonder to know the bands that make up the Iranian scene (where there are laws against rock) through a musical search.


  1. Almost Famous (Dir. Cameron Crowe, 2000)

In 1973, William Miller sought to become a music journalist and got his first chance with Rolling Stone covering the tour of Stillwater, a band that is rapidly gaining popularity. William witnesses how the band struggles with his rapid rise, excesses, egos warfare and life on the tour while he himself has to deal with this type of life and his love for Penny Lane, a big fan of the band (Not groupie, it’s a band aid ). It is worth mentioning that Philip Seymour Hoffman also leaves no less than Lester Bangs.


  1. High Fidelity (Dir. Stephen Frears, 2000)

Rob has a record store (in addition to having the best personal record collection) and lists five of his life breaks, while re-arranging his records after his latest breakup.



  1. Frank (Dir. Lenny Abrahamson, 2014)

Frank is a mysterious musical genius, misunderstood by the world and the industry, and apparently the only ones who understand him are his bandmates and Jon Burroughs, a young man with an unhappy life who tries to be a musician. Jon gets into Frank’s band to record an ambitious album and Frank seeks to take the band to a next level, although in the process, he may have to compromise his music. One of the best and most enjoyable performances of Michael Fassbender.


  1. This is Spinal Tap (Dir. Rob Reiner, 1984)

The mockumentary par excellence, portrays the life of the band (semi-fictional) Spinal Tap. Not much to say, except that it is one of the best comedies, which also portrays (and criticizes) the lifestylePretentious and frivolous Glamorous of many of the rock bands.


  1. The Blues Brothers (Dir. John Landis, 1980)

Nothing like music to fight for a just cause and save the underdog. Upon leaving prison, Jack Blues and his brother Elwood decide to reunite their old band to make a special show that helps them to gather money to save the orphanage where they grew up. This may well count as musical, but certainly the main axis is music as a salvation and as a weapon … besides having cameos Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and James Brown (to say only some) playing their own songs, nothing can go wrong .



  1. Rock N ‘Roll Highschool (Dir. Allan Arkush, 1979)

A high school is revealed against its new director, who has banned them rock ‘n’ roll and to end the prohibition are led by Riff Randell (rockanroller) and have the help of the Ramones, casual …