10 Perfect Country Music Albums Without Bad Songs

Most charts have tended to dislike country music more in recent years. I’m not just talking about the kind of rustic stuff you still see on the charts these days. Compared to what real country looked like in its heyday, seeing the country-fication of these artists watering things down tends to be a lot more heartbreaking. That doesn’t make the good stuff any less good though.

At the risk of sounding like someone’s father, the golden age of country music gave us some of the most enduring classics of their generation, with songs that had the potential to be put in the great compendium of American songs. While there were definitely genre heavyweights who killed with their singles, some of the biggest artists were the ones who were there for the albums, never skimping when it came time to knock out a killer hook or a song that could tear your heart out. out of your chest.

And that’s exactly what we have here today. A collection of some of the best folk, rock and blues tracks mixed into this beautiful little genre called country music. Trust me, once you hear them, you’ll want to dive deep into the world’s Sam Hunts.

There’s a certain part of the country music crowd that probably thinks the genre’s glory days are far behind them. Since popularity took off with the arrival of the likes of Garth Brooks, much of what you hear on country radio these days tends to be a softer version of the Willie Nelsons of the world. And damn it, when you have a queen like this to look back on, it’s not like she’s wrong.

In just under half an hour, Dolly Parton discovered one of her best collection of songs of her career. And keep in mind, this is the same woman who wrote stuff like I Will Always Love You, only to go even more sincere on an album like this. The title track alone is much healthier than you might think, talking about being proud of where you’re from, with darker cuts like If I Lose My Mind, where she watches her man cheat on her.

Sure, there are a few moments where it might fall on the wrong side of cheesy, but never once on this album does it feel dishonest on Dolly’s part. Even though many artists enjoy tapping into the sadder side of the genre, it sounds like a woman living in the biggest world she could ever hope for.

George L. Hernandez