5 Steps to Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music Playlists

With the age of streaming now a reality, playlist placement has become an essential part of any band or artist’s release strategy. Here we look at five important steps to take in order to give your music the best possible chance of landing on key playlists.


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Placing your music on playlists is now an important part of an artist’s release strategy. If a track is added to a popular playlist, its streams will increase and listeners will add it to their personal playlists, which sometimes adds a viral element that also spreads to playlists on other networks. Additionally, radio programs are now looking at popular playlists to see both what’s trending and what’s not. That being said, Spotify and Apple Music playlists are getting harder and harder to crack, especially if you’re not on a major label. Here are some tips that can help you earn a spot on a Spotify playlist or any other playlist.

1. Verify your profiles with Spotify and Apple Connect
The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a presence on the service itself. Playlist curators, especially if they’re internal, are hesitant to feature anything from artists who haven’t verified their profiles on streaming platforms.

2. Get as many of your fans as possible to follow you on the streaming platform
You don’t need millions of subscribers or streams, but you don’t need enough to interest a curator. They want to know you have a buzz around you before they take a chance.

3. Tidy up the rest of your digital home
If a curator is interested in your music, he or she will likely scrutinize you more by looking at your website, photos, social media, upcoming gigs, and everything we talk about on this blog. Here’s where it all comes into play.

4. Find playlists to follow
Find playlists you like and start following them with the idea of ​​whether your music is right for you. Don’t limit yourself to Spotify’s internal curators. In this game, everyone matters because the idea is to first get a number of smaller playlists so that you get noticed by the Spotify team. Also be sure to follow them on social media and comment where and when you can.

5. Make your presentation
Make sure the playlist owner knows you well before you start your presentation. You’ll be taken much more seriously if you’re recognized as a supporter rather than someone who just cold calls you. Send a personalized email to the owner or curator of the playlist. Keep it short and to the point and tell them why you think your song is perfect for their list. Be as specific as possible and avoid being long. If a curator has a submission policy, be sure to follow it to the letter or chances are your submission won’t even be read.

Remember that some curators for larger lists make their selections in a closed system, so they don’t want pitches and they will usually specify this in their submission policy. If so, respect their wishes and don’t harass them. The only way to do that is to start participating in lots of other playlists so your buzz gets noticed.

George L. Hernandez