Abbotsford Arts Council Introduces Mill Lake Music Playlists – Abbotsford News

The Abbotsford Arts Council has created five themed Mill Lake Music playlists which are available on Spotify. (Vikki Hopes/Abbotsford News)

Abbotsford Arts Council Presents Mill Lake Music Playlists

Local musicians featured in five themed offerings

The Abbotsford Arts Council shares a unique musical experience called Mill Lake Music.

Five free Spotify playlists have been created featuring the talents of local musicians grouped by theme: upbeat, walking, moody, relaxing and contemplative.

Posters advertising the playlists, designed by local artist Dona Park, are placed in Mill Lake Park, each featuring a unique QR code that links to each individual playlist.

The posters will be on display until the end of September, but the playlists will remain available on by searching “Mill Lake Music”.


George L. Hernandez