Africa: Afriquency launches African music playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube – Helping African and global audiences access music

With tens of millions of songs on global music streaming platforms, playlists have become a key tool for bringing music to new audiences. Afriquency has just launched a series of African music playlists designed to get more ears to music. Russell Southwood spoke to Titilope Adesanya, Afriquency, about what the playlists cover and what they want to do.

With global digital music streaming services, it’s like stepping into a huge, multi-story record store with up to 40 million songs. You know who you like but how do you find new things to listen to? One of the key tools for users is playlists and these are not only useful for music listeners but allow musicians and their management to increase sales and better understand what is being listened to and or.

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George L. Hernandez