Alibi Adds Modern Pop Production Music Albums

Alibi Music has added six new modern pop albums with its latest production music release.

The company notes that each features an uplifting and energetic vibe and is structured to sync with a wide range of film, TV, streaming, advertising and gaming projects, including trailers, promotions and content. .

Electro RnB
A soulful collection of uplifting and sensual tracks built around groovy funky bass lines, driving drum beats and neo-soul infused synth chords. With full vocal performances, each of these authentic cues includes handclaps, random drumming, and infectious chord progressions with a deep, serious, grown-up vibe.

Uplifting EDM
A youthful, sunny collection of bouncy dance and house-infused tracks that perfectly capture tropical summer vibes. Featuring deep soulful vocals, percussive piano strokes and driving drum beats, each track clocking in at between 122 and 124 bpm.

The empowerment of female pop
A provocative and triumphant collection of inspirational pop songs inspired by some of the greatest female artists. Blending grit and rock attitude with hope, empowerment and motivation, each of these tracks has a positive lyrical message backed by powerful arrangements and instrumentation, including acoustic and distorted guitars, pounding pop drums , stomps and claps and pulsating bass. Inspired by P!nk, Olivia Holt, Sara Barielles, Rachel Platten and Sia.

Energize hip-hop
Energizing Hip-Hop 2
Two collections of poignant, proud and inspiring pieces composed to evoke a sense of triumph, challenge and strength through powerful dramatic inspiration and full lyrical performances. With emotive pianos, driving strings and powerful staccato brass and horns, each track has a lyrical male rap voice with confident motivational lyrics.

Cheerleader Pop 3
A bold and lively collection of percussive cues with blazing brass, powerful stomps and energetic hand claps. Blending the horn and brass style of ALIBI’s other Cheerleader Pop albums with modern trap and hip hop drum elements and linking them with huge taikos and toms, this album has a decidedly sporty vibe.

ALIBI’s modern pop production music has been used to promote projects such as TikTok for Business, HBO Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls, and Netflix’s Cooking with Paris, among others.


George L. Hernandez