Barack Obama shares his summer 2022 playlists and music

Source: Spotify

*barack obama released their annual summer playlist and it features Beyoncé, British singer Harry Styles and Latin rapper Bad Bunny.

Its 44-song roster includes a mix of pop, R&B, hip hop and old school tracks like Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”, Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” and Miles Davis’ “Blue and Green”, Deadline reports.

“Each year I’m excited to share my summer playlist because I learn about so many new artists from your responses – it’s an example of how music can truly bring us together,” Obama wrote. in a post on Twitter. “Here is what I listened to this summer. What songs would you add? »

Check out the tweet from her full playlist below.

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According to The Hill, Obama’s other musical choices include D’Angelo’s “Spanish Joint”, Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You”, Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill’s “Guantanamera”, “When IB On Tha Mic by Rakim and “Aretha Franklin” Save Me.”

Obama also recently shared his summer reading list, which understand “The Family Chao” by Lan Samantha Chang, “Why We’re Polarized” by Ezra Klein, “The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure” by Yascha Mounk, “Mouth to Mouth” by Antoine Wilson, “Black Cake,” and Sports Illustrated writer Chris Herring’s best-selling book, “Blood in the Garden: The Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks.”

“I’ve read some great books this year and wanted to share some of my favorites so far. What have you read this summer? Obama tweeted. See his full list of books below.

Check out Obama’s full list of his favorite books via the tweet below.

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