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18 May 2022, 11:56

The best classical music playlists to fit your every mood.

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Whatever your mood, choose the soundtrack that suits you with Classic FM’s many playlists, exclusive to Global Player.

It is said that music is the language of the soul. Whether you need a quiet moment or a musical tonic to match your mood, there’s almost nothing The Perfect Playlist can’t cater for.

But life is busy, and not all of us have the hours of the day to create multi-hour playlists for every occasion. Let us do the heavy lifting for you…

All curated by Classic FM, we have a brilliant selection of live playlists exclusively available on Global Player. From movie and video game musical anthems to relaxing piano melodies, check them out below.

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  1. For popular classical music: Classic FM Hall of Fame

    Every Easter, we count down the world’s largest poll of classical music tastes – from symphonies and concertos to sonatas and film scores. Relive the Top 100 music tracks, according to your vote in 2022.

    2022 Classic FM Hall of Fame Live Playlist

    2022 Classic FM Hall of Fame Live Playlist.

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  2. For movie buffs: Movie Music Hall of Fame

    Thousands of our listeners voted in this poll to find out the country’s 100 favorite movie themes of all time. From John Williams blockbusters to Bernard Herrmann classics, here are the soulful movie tunes you picked.

    Classic FM Film Music Hall of Fame Playlist

    FM Film Music Hall of Fame Classic Playlist.

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  3. For soothing music and wellness tips: Inner Harmony with Dr. Alex George

    Relax with UK Ambassador for Youth Mental Health, Dr Alex George, as he shares the positive effects of listening to classical music as well as his top tips for maintaining physical and mental health. Dr. Alex also plays some of the most soothing music ever written, and learns some wellness secrets from great songwriters, in this live playlist stream.

    Inner Harmony with Dr. Alex George

    Inner Harmony with Dr. Alex George.

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  4. For classic tubes: Essential Classical

    Looking to start your classical music journey? Our Essential Classical playlist features only essential works by essential composers, from Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert, to Williams and Tchaikovsky.

    Essential classic live playlist

    Essential classic live playlist.

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  5. For Families: A Pocketful of Music with Julia Donaldson

    Best-selling children’s author Julia Donaldson joins Classic FM for A Pocketful of Music – a collection of fun and famous classic pieces for the whole family to enjoy. The playlist contains music from Pierre and the Wolf, animal carnival and Nutcrackerexcerpts from The Gruffalo, Superver and Zogand original songs written and performed by Julia.

    A pocket of music with Julia Donaldson

    A pocket of music with Julia Donaldson.

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  6. For students: Classic FM Revision

    Classical music can be the perfect soundtrack for concentration. Let Debussy, Bach and Vaughan Williams keep you company during long sessions of homework and exam revision.

    Classic FM Review Playlist

    Classic FM review playlist.

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  7. For relaxing music: Classic FM Relax

    From Dvořák, Grieg and Schubert to Brahms and Vaughan Williams, it’s the most relaxing classical music you’ll find – compiled just for you, in our curated playlist of soothing melodies.

    FM Relax Classic Playlist

    Classic FM Relax Playlist.

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  8. For Pet Lovers: Classic Pet FM Music

    Classical music can have a wonderful calming effect on animals. We’ve created a perfectly peaceful playlist of tunes to help your furry friends – and you – unwind. Our selection of pet-friendly music can be especially beneficial during fireworks season.

    Pet Music Playlist

    Pet Music Playlist.

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  9. For Valentine’s Day: Classic FM Romantique Classiques

    From Elgar to Puccini, revel in classical music’s most romantic melodies, all in a continuous, looping stream. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a candlelit evening…

    FM Classic Romance Classics Playlist

    Classic FM Romantic Classics Playlist.

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  10. For Gamers: Classic FM Video Game Music

    Video game scores have some of the most evocative melodies on the market, and music from Final Fantasy and Ancient Scrolls create a playlist as exciting and dynamic as the games they come from.

    Classic FM Video Game Music Playlist

    Classic FM video game music playlist.

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  11. For relaxed classical: Calm Piano

    From the master of piano minimalism Ludovico Einaudi to the soft, warm melodies of TV and film composer Rachel Portman, unwind with the most relaxing piano pieces ever, brought to you by Classic FM and Smooth Chill.

    Quiet Piano Playlist

    Quiet piano playlist.

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  12. For the holiday season: Classic FM Christmas

    Classic FM is the home of Christmas music, and our Christmas playlist contains only the biggest festive favorites, for non-stop Christmas cheer – at home and on the go. Tap below for jubilant tunes from Berlioz, Mendelssohn and Greg Lake.

    Christmas Classic FM Playlist

    Classic Christmas FM Playlist.

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