Create and share Apple Music playlists with your friends

One of the neat things you can do with a streaming service like Apple Music, Spotify, or Rdio is create and share playlists. It’s a way to seriously manage your own musical taste and then show it off by sending it to others.

It’s not super complicated, but the downside of such a new user interface like the one Apple Music just released is that things might not be where you think they should be.

With that in mind, let’s go ahead and create a new playlist. Then let’s learn how to share it with our Apple Music friends.

make the playlist

Adding songs is pretty easy, really.
Screen: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Launch Apple Music and tap My Music tab at the bottom. You’ll see thumbnails for recently added playlists at the top, then a list of playlists below, which you can filter to All, Apple Music Playlists (that you’ve followed), My Playlists (the yours, not mine) or Show Music Available Offline, which will simply show you the playlists stored on your iPhone.

To create a new playlist, tap the New button at the top right of the playlist section. Type a name for the new playlist and add a photo to the left (or leave it blank for an auto-generated photo from the album art of all included songs).

Adding songs

You now have two options for adding songs. You can tap the green plus symbol to add songs from your own music to this newly created playlist, or you can tap the little three-dot symbol to the right of any track in Apple Music, then select Add to a playlist. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see all the playlists you’ve created and you can tap the one you want to put that song in. It will fall into the playlist at the bottom.

Share your reading list

Just tap here to easily access sharing options.
Just tap here to easily access sharing options.
Screen: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Once you’ve created the perfect playlist, you can share it. Just open your list’s playlist and tap the familiar Share button (the rectangle with the arrow pointing up). You can then share via iMessages, AirDrop, Mail, and even Twitter or Facebook — any sharing services you have enabled on your iPhone are fair game. Put it on Tumblr, we don’t mind.

If you want to keep your playlist private, just tap the Edit button at the top of the songs in the playlist, then toggle Shared Playlist OFF.

Once you’ve shared your Apple Music playlists, any changes you make to them will also appear on your friends’ version of playlists. It’s like subscribing to an official Apple Music playlist.

Unfortunately, your friends can’t add songs to your playlist; there is no way to collaborate on one at this time. Also, if you own a song that Apple Music doesn’t play, that song will be grayed out in the playlist your friends will see.

All in all, shared playlists are a great way to create virtual mixtapes for that attractive person you have a crush on – it’s great to see that Apple Music has made it so easy to use .

George L. Hernandez