Create Apple Music playlists based on your favorite band’s gig list with Setlist Carrot

Setlist Carrot is a brand new app on iOS that lets you search playlists from your favorite artist’s concerts, creating Apple Music playlists right in the app. Developer TrickPie UK took to Reddit today to announce the new service.

Setlist Carrot allows users to search for setlists that a band or artist has played at a gig. Users can filter their searches based on the year the setlist was played or the concert venue. Once you find a playlist you like, you can create an Apple Music playlist right from the app. The setlist data is provided by the site,

The full app description says:

Find your next gig or relive your last one.

Setlist carrot will allow you to search your favorite artist gigs down to the venue and year of the show to find what songs or covers were played that night.

Forget top playlists, listen to tracks in the order the artist thinks they should be heard by creating setlist Apple Music playlists right from the app.

Setlist Carrot is available for free download on iOS

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George L. Hernandez