[Freebie Alert] Get These 5 Free Google Play Music Albums in the US (Updated)

[Freebie Alert] Get These 5 Free Google Play Music Albums in the US (Updated)

There was a time, several months ago, when Google Play Music frequently dropped the price of a few albums for free. Then it stopped and we thought it would never happen again. But last week we saw the free offers return on twelve albums. Only “ICON” records have been discounted, but today brings us a free offer on five non-ICON albums. Maybe this is Google Play Music’s last hurrah before YouTube Music takes over for good, maybe it has nothing to do with Play Music and it’s the labels that put out these albums. Whatever the reason, now is the time to get some free music which should be transferred to your YouTube Music account.

Enough blabla and on to the albums and links:


The offers seem to be US-only as always, but your mileage may vary, so it might be worth tapping into those links and seeing if they’re available to you. (Personal note: If for some incomprehensible reason you don’t have a US account but have US credit or a US payment method on your Google account, the links won’t work. But try to open the Play Music Store via this address and then manually search for album titles. A little pixie dust might make them magically available.)

UPDATED: 07/06/2018 1:10 AM PDT BY

Three other small versions appeared as free:

UPDATED: 07/06/2018 11:37 AM PDT BY

The hits keep coming. This time we only have one addition to our list for you, but we continue to keep our eyes peeled for more free albums as they land.

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