GTA 5 Music Playlists Expand Ahead of Promised GTA Online Updates

A number of musicians have revealed their involvement in GTA 5, which will tie into an upcoming GTA Online update.

On Twitter, known Rockstar leaker Tez2 directed players to an Instagram post by Puerto Rican reggaeton musician Ñejo who confirmed their involvement in the game. A second Instagram post, by Brazilian metal band Vulcano, praised the artists Dominicans Ceky Viciny and Rochy RD for their inclusion in the game.

Both posts make it clear that the artists are committed to GTA 5 rather than the GTA Remastered Trilogy or GTA 6. With no word on an update to the 2013 game itself (unless the music rights are about to expire, in which case new songs may be added to various radio stations), it seems likely that this new music be attached to GTA onlinewhich receives regular updates and is expected to receive larger add-ons in 2021 and 2022.

It is unclear, however, if these new artists are somehow related to the news that Dr Dre is making music for an upcoming GTA project. Collaborator Snoop Dogg recently revealed that the hip-hop entertainer is working on something to do with “the new GTA game that’s coming out.” Whether for GTA 6 – no release rumors until 2025 amid reports of internal reboots and a “chaotic” development process – GTA Online, or something new remains to be seen, but longtime fans of the artist are probably hoping they don’t have to wait for Rockstar’s next game to hear his new work.

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George L. Hernandez