HEALTH / A channel with music playlists and health podcasts to help patients with well-being

The famous Morcian Hospital opens a channel on Spotify, one of the most powerful platforms with audio content, with music playlists and health podcasts specially designed to help the well-being of its patients. As part of World Radio Day, which is celebrated this Sunday, and as part of its project to humanize health, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the hospital group has opened a profile on this social network, with music distribution lists for patients who want to relax During treatment in hospital or at home, physical activity or on the way to a health center for a procedure or diagnostic test.

Experts say “music is medicine anytime”. Not surprisingly, treatments such as music therapy are practiced in many group hospitals. The objective of the Spotify channel is above all to facilitate and enhance the stay of patients in hospital, and those who have to go frequently and for many hours for treatments such as dialysis or chemotherapy, but also to help those who are feeling stressed. Day after day, they find it difficult to fall asleep or the music motivates them to adopt healthy habits like exercise. It is planned to gradually expand these playlists, in collaboration and with the participation of professionals, to meet the needs of all patient profiles: nursing mothers, new fathers looking for music to soothe their baby, from the moment after operation or nursery rhymes, among others.

In addition, the first podcast of “Un café à ta santé” will be launched on Sunday, which the health group will publish on this platform on a monthly basis, to address in depth the questions of well-being and health, alongside hospital professionals. and patient associations, among others. The first podcast is devoted to mental health and will talk about what is already being called the “silent epidemic”, while psychologists and experts in the field at various hospitals in the group offer advice and talk about treatments such as spirits that have been welcomed to treat anxiety, stress, jealousy, or even pandemic sadness or fatigue. .

With this new audio content tool, the well-known health group wants to offer citizens a musical suggestion through its profile and playlists on this social network, to help them in every moment of their life, in the hospital or in their home, also as health advice, voices and opinions of specialists, patients and associations In his podcast, to learn first-hand about current issues related to health and physical and emotional well-being.

George L. Hernandez