How do I get my song on Amazon Music Playlists?

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Here’s how to offer official Amazon Music playlists through Amazon Music for Artists.

Artists can submit music for a chance to be featured on Amazon Music playlists. The Amazon Music for Artists app has a new release launcher tool, which artists can use to submit their tracks for review by Amazon Music playlist curators.

How to Submit Music to Amazon Music Playlists

Go to New releases in the Amazon Music for Artists app and choose your song.

Choose your first single from your latest release or a track that fans will love.

Songs posted on Amazon Music can be offered to the Playlist Team for up to 14 days after Release.

One title per new version is allowed to be considered.

You cannot choose a re-edited or remastered track.

Image credit: Amazon Music


You have 1,000 characters to pitch your pitch to Amazon Music. It’s about 200 words.

The purpose of the pitch is to show Amazon Music which of their playlists might be suitable for your track. Inform the curators of the playlist What your song is like, and Why people will absolutely love it when they hear it!

You can choose up to three genres to describe your track and provide three similar artists. You also need to tell Amazon Music the language of the song, if your song contains lyrics.

Amazon Music wants to know that your song is going to be popular, and the pitch is your opportunity to prove it to them. It’s your elevator pitch – the doors have closed and it’s your only chance to get the most important things across about your song and why you think it will be successful, before you have to walk out to your stage.

What are you doing to generate buzz around your release? What is your plan for marketing, promoting your track, and how do you interact with your fanbase online and in the real world?

You also have the option to describe your song in more detail. Tell Amazon Music what the vibe of your song is and where you imagine it being played. Is it romantic or dark? Is it an upbeat party track or a relaxing lo-fi song perfect to play in the background while writing a college essay?

And that’s it – knock TP submit and you are away!

Even if your song isn’t added to a playlist, the information you write will give your Amazon Music release a boost in other ways. Letting the Amazon Music team know what genre and audience your song is targeting will give them a nudge in the right direction of the app’s recommendation algorithm, while also alerting your existing listeners to your new release.

Head here on Amazon Music for Artists to submit your song.

How to Add Songs to Amazon Music

Before you can get your song on Amazon Music playlists, you need to find a digital music distributor to send your song to.

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