How to Find and Share Music Playlists on the Web with Family and Friends

We all want to listen to music and forget about all the crazy things that are going on. Sharing the songs we find with family and friends is also a great idea, so what’s the plan? Today, many music streaming platforms are well equipped with features, especially the ability to share music playlists.

Best Ways to Find and Share Music Playlists Online

Today we are going to discuss some of the best ways to locate and share music playlists. We think most of the options we’ll be discussing today are well-known, but chances are you haven’t heard of the playlist sharing options they offer.

There are several ways to find and share awesome music playlists with your family and friends. If you’re unsure of the options, keep reading.

  1. 8 tracks
  2. Spotify
  3. report
  4. r/SpotifyPlaylists and r/Playlists.

Let’s see this in more detail.

1]8 tracks

Have you ever heard of a service called 8tracks? It’s not as popular as the others, but it’s a good option to consider. The service has both free and premium versions, but no matter which one you use, the ability to share playlists with anyone is available.

Now there is no need to create your own playlists. Just find a few user-created playlists that are Intune with your tastes, and that’s it.

We should note that 8tracks does not work with Spotify or any other streaming service. It is self-contained and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

Visit the official site at


It’s impossible to create a list like this and never talk about Spotify. The service is indeed the best way to share music, mainly because it is a popular option among music streamers. In fact, it’s the most popular ahead of iTunes.

OK, so the first thing you’ll want to do is create a playlist. Do this by clicking Case > New playlist. You will be asked to name the list. After doing all this, go ahead and add your best music to the playlist.

The user can then do three things. Share the playlist with the public, copy and share the URL or make the playlist collaborative.

We like the last one because it means one person isn’t in control. Anyone with access to the list can make changes at any time.

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Another great way to share music playlists with your family and friends is none other than But here’s the thing, you’ll need a Spotify account for this to work, so keep that in mind before you get started.

With a Spotify account, the user can subscribe to playlists, create and submit their own with ease. However, the best part of is the ability to discover playlists. People can generate a playlist, get a daily list of the hottest songs of the day, and more.

It’s a useful tool, and could we say that the playlist discovery feature is better than what Spotify has to offer.

Visit the official site.

4]r/SpotifyPlaylists and r/Playlists

If you’re still struggling to find good playlists, chances are you want to visit Reddit.

The r/SpotifyPlaylists subreddit has thousands of subscribers and a ton of new playlists are shared daily.

This is partly due to the number of subscribers and their activity. You can also subscribe and share what you’ve created with the world.

r/Playlists is another option on Reddit. Although the majority of shared playlists are from Spotify, you can also find a few from other services as the subreddit isn’t just focused on Spotify.

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George L. Hernandez