How to Transfer Apple Music Playlists to Spotify

(Pocket-lint) – There often comes a time when you’re looking to switch music providers. Whether it’s because you’ve discovered that one of them has features that really interest you or you want to take advantage of a promotional offer. The only problem is taking your playlists and albums with you.

Luckily, there’s actually an app for that. So if you’re looking to switch from Apple Music to Spotify – for example – you can do that. Watch the video below to learn how, or follow our written guide below if it’s easier:

Get SongShift and link your accounts

  • Download SongShift for iPhone
  • Open the app
  • Select your sources (in this case: Apple Music and Spotify)
  • Connect to Apple Music and Spotify to link music
  • Allow access to libraries if needed

The easiest transfer method involves a free app called SongShift. It is available on the App Store for iPhone, so be sure to download it. There are also similar applications on the Play Store for Android, such as “FreeYourmusic” for example.

Your first step after downloading SongShift is to open the app and set up your music services. It supports many different services, including Tidal, YouTube Music, and Pandora. For the purposes of this tutorial, we choose Apple Music and Spotify. Each of them will ask you to allow certain permissions and log in to the accounts.

Transfer your playlists

  • Press the ‘+’ to start a new transfer
  • Select Apple Music Playlists as Source
  • On the next screen, enable “Multiple Playlists”
  • Now select all the playlists you want to transfer
  • Press ‘Done’
  • Choose Spotify and “New Playlist” as destination
  • Press ‘Continue’
  • Tap “I’m done”
  • Wait for processing to complete and confirm matches

Once you’ve linked your sources, tap the “+” icon at the top to start a new Shift, then choose your source. For this guide, it’s Apple Music. Tap “Playlists”, then you can make one at a time, or you can toggle on the multiple playlists switch.

The next step is to choose the playlists to transfer. It should be noted that with our Apple Music, some of them showed 0 songs, but once we selected them to transfer, we discovered all the songs, matched them and processed them.

Depending on how many playlists you have, it may take a bit of time to match and generate your new playlists, but once matched you will find that a few songs are often impossible to find and you You can either choose to ignore the matches or try to find it manually instead. Otherwise, the service works very well.

The only playlist we found it to fail on was one of the largest with almost 1000 songs. He seemed to give up after 500 songs.

Of course, if you want to do it the other way around and move music from Spotify to Apple, you can do that. It’s the same process, but you choose Spotify as the source and Apple as the destination.

Written by Cam Bunton.

George L. Hernandez