iOS 15.2 lets you search Apple Music playlists

Rolling out to everyone soon.
Picture: Apple

Apple’s latest iOS 15.2 beta allows users to search Apple Music playlists for the first time. The update makes it easier to locate tracks quickly, which should make it a little faster to keep your favorite playlists in order.

It was one of the most requested features for Apple Music playlists. As users have noted, however, the service still has a long way to go before it catches up to rivals on playlist features.

Apple Music resumes searching for playlist tracks

You can use Apple Music’s main search box to locate a track you want to play. But what if you want to remove a specific song you no longer want to hear from a long playlist? This is when things get a little complicated.

Until now, the only way to locate a certain track in a playlist on Apple Music was to literally scroll through the list until you find it. But in the latest iOS 15.2 beta, which rolled out to developers on Tuesday, Apple finally fixed that problem.

It is now possible to search inside an Apple Music playlist. Just open the playlist, then use the search box that appears at the top of the screen to quickly find the song you’re looking for.

A small step in the right direction

Apple Music fans have welcomed the change – which has long been requested – but many on Reddit point out that the service still lacks a number of popular playlist features that have long been available on rival platforms.

Apple Music doesn’t yet have collaborative playlists, track sorting, or alternative display options, a feature that’s especially handy for playlists that include multiple albums. Here’s hoping these things come to Apple Music later.

George L. Hernandez