Plex Super Sonic promises to rock music playlists


  • The new Plex Super Sonic feature ditches metadata-based playlist creation.
  • Instead, the new system “listens” to your music and creates appropriate playlists from that knowledge.
  • The new feature is only available to Plex Pass customers.

When you create an auto-playlist on your music streaming platform of choice, it’s almost certainly based on metadata. In other words, a Radiohead track will be paired with tracks from artists of similar genres, as well as other Radiohead tracks.

However, in the case of Radiohead, playlists can get messy. Guitar-based Radiohead doesn’t really mix well with In Rainbows-era Radiohead. Not only does this cause problems when deciding which other artists should be on the playlist, but even Radiohead songs in the playlist can conflict. This is a problem that the new Plex Super Sonic feature will attempt to solve.

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Super Sonic uses an “advanced neural network” to actually “listen” to your library. That way, when you create a playlist based on a hard-rock song by The Police, you get other hard-rock songs – not crummy solo tracks from Sting.

This will be a game-changer when it comes to auto-playlists. However, the feature is built into Plex’s standalone music player called Plexamp, which is exclusive to Plex Pass users. That means Plex fans on the free tier will be left out.

There’s a lot more to Plex Super Sonic, though.

Plex Super Sonic: a multitude of features for music lovers

In addition to the new sound-based playlist creation tool, Super Sonic can do other cool things:

  • Blends for you: This Plex Super Sonic feature looks at albums you’ve recently had in heavy rotation, groups them into mixes, and then sprinkles them into similar sounding albums.
  • Radios of tracks and albums: This feature replaces Plex Mix. It will play tracks or full albums that sound similar.
  • That day : This will tell you which albums in your library have been released on any day. It will create a playlist of sonically similar albums for you.

Super Sonic is now available in the latest version of Plexamp. You’ll need to enable it in your Plex Media Server first, and it doesn’t support servers based on ARM processors. You can find more information about this in the Plex blog post.

George L. Hernandez