Pusha-T Says All “New Good Music Albums Will Have Seven Songs” – VIBE.com

At a listening party for his next album DAYTONAPusha-T revealed that in the future, all new GOOD Music albums will be short and sweet with seven songs per track.

“Seven, you know, definitely God’s number,” the “Drug Dealers Anonymous” MC detailed at the event, held at a private event in Manhattan on Wednesday, May 23. “All the projects coming out are seven. That’s what we’re aiming for. You know, GOOD Music against everything. If everyone makes 18 tracks, we make seven.

The list of songs on the album, due out tomorrow (25 May), includes features Rick Ross and Kanye West, who was also executive producers of the album. On Twitter, Push revealed that no work of art had been finalized and that there was no single, just a set of concise works.

“It’s all happening in real time, you don’t have my art work because I don’t have my art work…the final master was released 2 hours ago, no single (what are- they?), I’m not interested in any of that…” he wrote on Twitter. “Yeah, we really outdid ourselves…thanks. #DAYTONA.”

See Push to announce all the GOOD Music album below and take a glance at the track list for the album.

Pusha-T DAYTONA track list:
1. If you know you know
2. The games we play
3. Hard piano feat. Rick Ross
4. Come back baby
5. Santeria
6. What would Meek do? feat. Kanye West
7. Infrared

George L. Hernandez