The 4 Best #WFH Music Playlists to Boost Your Creativity

A week after Bangkok’s emergency decree, some of us are beginning to miss our daily lives. Whether you’re struggling to find a work-life balance during #WFH, or a working parent who lacks an office environment, we’ve reached a point where being productive has become quite a challenge. In such cases, music can reduce your anxiety while increasing your productivity.

The fact that music can motivate you to stay productive and focused isn’t entirely new – recent studies suggest that listening to music can improve concentration and boost mental performance in the office. As Karen Landay – a former professional violinist – once said in a BBC interview, “Historically, music and work have always been closely linked. Think of romantic visions of peasants singing as they harvest, or sea shanties sung by sailors as they work on their ships. And since most people enjoy listening to music in at least some contexts, it’s only natural to think that music should have some sort of positive impact on our work.

Of course, your productivity depends on the songs you have on your playlist – some types of music are more distracting than others. If we go by statistics, background music with lyrics usually has negative side effects on our attention span. To help you discover the perfect #WFH playlist, we’ve rounded up four of our favorites, ranging from instrumental soundscapes to ambiances, to listen to while working from home:

Jazz concentration for work and study

While the lyrics force us to divert attention from our work, how about opting for a soothing jazz soundscape for your daily tasks?

“1/1” by Brian Eno

The British musician composed an entire album of ‘ambient music’ in 1978, which was designed to be looped continuously as a sound installation to ‘induce calm and space to reflect’.

“Background music must be able to adapt to many levels of listening attention without imposing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting,” Eno said of his album “Ambient 1: Music for Airports.”

Song of forest birds

While you’re stuck at home during your voluntary or mandatory quarantine, rediscover the benefits of a nature walk with this relaxing soundscape.

Rainy days in Tokyo

This hour-long compilation mixes lo-fi hip-hop, jazz hop, chill-hop, and jazz hop, making it ideal for “relaxing, studying, and unwinding.”

This story was first published via AFP Relaxnews.

George L. Hernandez