The Other Nashville Company Launches Apple Music Playlists

The Other Nashville Society (TONS) has become an official Apple Music playlist curator with the launch of its first three playlists: New releases, Popand artist cover.

New releases will be a regularly updated playlist featuring Nashville’s diverse and thriving non-country music scenes. Pop features songs and artists from the fastest growing genre in town. artist cover features a hand-picked playlist of songs by one of Nashville’s “Other Artists”. The first to cover this playlist is the recording artist RECORDS/Columbia Records, Stella Lennon.

Playlists will be carefully curated by a TONS editorial team that includes A&R executives from Universal Music, Atlantic Records, Prescription Songs, Wide Eyed Entertainment and Kobalt. Additionally, the organization accepts submissions from its members through a private Google Form.

In the coming months, TONS plans to launch more playlists, including hip-hop and Singer-songwriter.

“We are thrilled to partner with Apple in this venture,” says TONS co-founder Katie Fagan. “Our goal with these playlists is several things: we want to showcase Nashville’s well-known non-country artists, writers, and producers who have paved the way, spotlight lesser-known creators and genres coming to our city, and build a platform for these voices to be heard in the future. The world has started to take notice of the diversity Music City has to offer, and with these playlists, we hope to make discovering all the music created by Nashville a little easier to find.

Founded in May 2017 by Fagan, Venable Ally, Holley Maher, Marc Abramowitzand Josh Collum, TONS has quickly become the go-to organization for non-country music creators and industry professionals in Nashville. With more than 1,400 members, all carefully selected through an application process, the organization counts every major music company and GRAMMY Award-winning creator among its members.

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