Two New Music Albums Celebrate Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary

Rock On!

As part of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary celebration, The Pokemon Company has unveiled two new music albums inspired by Pokemon video games.

Pokemon 25: The Red EP is available to stream now on services like Spotify and Apple Music, among others. It contains three songs by artists Vince Staples, Cyn and Mabel.

Later in August, Pokémon 25: The Blue EP will be released, which will contain remixes of all three songs from The red EP created by recording artist ZHU.

The three songs featured on Pokemon 25: The Red EP will also be included on the P25 Music album to be released this fall on Capitol Records. The ZHU remixes The Blue EP will be included with the digital version of the P25 Music album.

In a press release, Colin Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at The Pokemon Company International, commented on these albums:

“The Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue video games introduced Pokémon to the world 25 years ago and we wanted to recognize this important part of the franchise during our 25th anniversary celebrations as part of the P25 Music campaign. Pokémon fans will appreciate the nod to the first Pokémon video games with these EPs, while music fans will enjoy new songs and remixes from exciting artists on these double collections.”

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George L. Hernandez