YouTube Music Playlists Just Got Upgraded

YouTube has announced five new enhancements to YouTube Music playlists, making it easier for users to create, discover and share their playlists.

Playlists are great for discovering new music, collecting your favorite tracks, and sharing them with others. Yes, good playlists are beautiful things, and YouTube wants you to take full advantage of them. Here are five new, recently launched features to help you do just that.

Support Playlists

It happens to everyone. You have a great idea for a playlist, but you have no idea what songs to add to it. That’s why YouTube has added a new playlist helper feature to YouTube Music to suggest relevant songs based on signals like the name of the playlist, existing songs in your playlist (if you have any), and your history. listening.

The feature will show you up to seven suggestions when editing a playlist, and you can add more suggestions by hitting the refresh button.

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Collaborative Playlists

Creating a playlist with friends just got a whole lot easier with this new feature that lets you create and share playlists with other YouTube Music users. The functionality is similar to YouTube’s collaboration experience, which allows all collaborators to share, sort, add, and edit playlists.

Adding collaborators is simple:

How to Add Collaborators to a YouTube Music Collaborative Playlist

  1. Tap the pencil icon to edit the playlist
  2. To select Collaborate
  3. To select Collaborators can add songs and videos
  4. Invite collaborators to your playlist by sharing the link

Profile Page Playlists

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out other users’ accounts, where you can check out playlists from the profile page.

It’s easy to browse other listeners’ public music playlists and downloaded music videos; all you have to do is go to their YouTube Music profile page. To find someone’s profile page, just click on the playlist creator’s username on the playlist page.

Custom Playlists

If you don’t want to create your own playlist, YouTube Music now creates custom playlists mixed just for you, in the “Mixed for you” section in the YouTube Music home stream.

Personalized playlists are created with you in mind and are based on your listening history.

Custom playlists include official audio tracks, but also deep cuts and remixes of songs you love.

mixed for you understand :

Discover the mix: Features new artists or songs that we think you’ll love. The playlist is updated weekly and is great if you want to discover new music.
New version mix: Includes the newest releases from favorite artists and other artists like them.
Your mix: Your Mix is ​​the fastest way to start listening to music. It is continuously updated and offers recommendations based on your listening habits.
Favorite songs: If you click Like on a song, it will be added to this playlist. This is where you can find all your favorite songs.

Scheduled Playlists

If you want to create a playlist based on a current mood or have a particular genre in mind, you can now search and listen to Mood & Genre playlists in the Explore tab. You’ll find thousands of playlists programmed to match almost any mood.

Scheduled playlists receive music from across YouTube’s catalog to create the right vibe at the right time.

Additionally, YouTube Music offers specially marked genre playlists:

  • The list of successes: home to today’s greatest hits
  • PUBLISHED: the hottest new tracks of the week, served fresh every Friday.
  • Above all: the most current and most popular songs of Hip-Hop.
  • Al Millon: home to the best Latin music tracks every week.
  • Country selection: the one stop shop for today’s biggest country hits.

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