YouTube Music playlists now use a grid cover

YouTube Music has seen a few tweaks since the start of this year, with the latest giving users a better look at the songs in the playlists they’ve created, thanks to a grid view that matches Spotify and Apple Music. .

Since the service launched, a custom playlist would only use the album art of the first song. This meant cover art wasn’t an ideal way to quickly find out what’s in a YouTube Music playlist, compared to other services.

Google is now tackling this by showing a fairly conventional grid of album art belonging to the first four songs that follows the approach long used by Apple Music and Spotify. This only applies to your playlists, with the first ones created by YouTube Music always using custom artwork. If all the tracks are from the same album, you’ll see that the art takes up all the space, while the video collections don’t get that treatment.

This change is somewhat hard to notice on the Android and iOS list view of all your playlists, but it shows up in various carousels for a noticeable difference. The grid view is also handy on

As of now, this grid for YouTube Music playlists is widely rolled out on Android, iOS and Web through server-side update.

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George L. Hernandez